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You know you want one ......

raspberry fudge & bubblegum pearls
Marshmallows & strawberry sauce
a 99
hot toffee sauce
strawberry crunch & hot chic sauce
a 99 with chocolate sprinkles
strawberry sauce & a flake please !
mmmmm... chocolate !
mixture of tubs
hot chocolate & butterscotch
a 99 with cookie digestive
coloured sprinkles


Why not try one of our delicious milkshakes?

Try one of our milkshakes, made with our home made vanilla ice cream & they are truly worth the wait. Flavours available are :

  • Strawberry

  • Mint

  • Banana


(Only available in the Newry shop)

Cravings from down under !

Timoney's was one of the first port of call for these local boys just home from Australia

Timoneys at your wedding ??

A nice little touch for your guests & of course your wedding party ! 

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